Nar barbarian woman; winner of the 1372 Shieldmeet games in Lyrabar


A strong warrior woman from the plains of western Narfell, Natarra left her tribe soon after reaching adulthood in order to see the world and find adventures and exploits she could proudly recount to her people. When her travels took her to the land of Impiltur, she heard of a grand contest where scores of warriors and spellcasters would pit their strength and skills against each other. Nothing in the world could have stopped her from entering the Shieldmeet competitions in Lyrabar.

Among the other contestants, she met with a barbarian from a rare mountain-dwelling race calling goliaths, who referred to himself only as “Dragonkiller.” Though odd-looking and possessing the strange ability to shape ghostly pieces of gear out of thin air, he was definitely big and strong, and shared Natarra’s views about the virtues of competition and self-improvement. Through the testing trials of the Shieldmeet games, she got to learn more about the goliath and his companions, as well as their abilities. In the end, Dragonkiller ans some of his friends proved to be more skilled than her and she couldn’t do better than rank fourth among the various contestants. Soon after the last competition, though, the city watch came to take Dragonkiller and his friends for questionning and the group swiftly fled the city. As winner by defaults of the Shieldmeet games, Natarra reluctantly receive the Alabaster Cup from the hands of the Impilturan Queen, with the firm intention to give it to the rightful winner of the games.

The next day, a red-robed wizard by the name of Melvas came to her claiming he was also looking for the goliath and his friends and that Natarra’s best chance to see them again was to stick with him. So, reluctantly, Natarra followed Melvas around for a while. She next saw Dragonkiller when he was forcefully brought to Lyrabar by an extraplanar paragon of law. With help from the testimonies of Natarra and Melvas, he was found innocent of his crimes. Natarra and Aukan (Dragonkiller’s real name) then joined forces with Melvas in his quest to stop a group of giants from restoring their long-lost empire and rule over half of the Faerûn.


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