Meredith Grandheim

Paladin of Torm from Impiltur


In a mission for Impiltur in the Moonsea region with her bronze dragon mount and ally, Meredith Grandheim caught wind of the presence of a band of bandits wanted for various crimes including murder in the city of Lyrabar. Setting up an ambush, she encountered them on the road between Thentia and Melvaunt. When the group responded her orders to come back to Lyrabar to face justice with violence, Meredith and her dragon tried to subdue them by force. Meredith was knocked unconscious first and, without her to watch him, the bronze dragon who was slowly succumbing to the dragon rage lashed out with deadly force, ready to kill the bandits and devour them. The party of adventurers had no choice but to slay the enraged beast, and then hid his carcass before tieing Meredith and waking her. Though she was mad at the loss of her companion, yet unaware of the rage’s effects, she was in no condition to fight a party of four while alone and wounded. After making sure she could not follow them, the party left her with her armor and a single dagger to make sure she could make her way back to Thentia safely and be able to defend herself if need be.

After her return in Thentia, two whole months later, she was welcomed back into the queen’s paladins, but given her recent failure and the high number of dragons lost to the dragonrage and the machinations of the Cult of the Dragon in the last months, it was decided she should not be paired with another dragon for the time being. She nearly encountered Lazoryel, Galen, Larena, and Ruknar a second time as they carried out their plan to infiltrate the remains of the local cell of the Cult of the Dragon, but she’d only remember their incursion as a quick but deadly fang dragon attack on a market west of Lyrabar.

Meredith Grandheim

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