Melvas the Red


This proud Harper Mage has been stationned in Vaasa since long before the fall of Zenghyi. Ever since the Witch King's destruction, he's been training one or two pupils at the time in his tower by a small village in northern Vaasa. Formerly on good terms with Khelben Blackstaff and his band, he's been forced to put most of his former allies behind him with the recent schism that split the Harpers and Moonstars.

Aware of the unusual presence of a mixed group of giants around the Great Glacier, he's placed monitoring the giant cult as his highest priorities, relying on his numerous contact and allies to keep his information up to date. He also kept an eye open for adventurers that might be of help in fighting a common foe, often guiding them from being the scenes so that their efforts would used to greatest efficency.

As one such group from Vaasa was already investigating the giants on his own and was proving to be especially promising, Melvas charged a few of his allies to report their activities while he’d lead his own investigations. Despite the fact they they’d been involved in the death of his latest apprentice, and had destroyed his back-up spellbook, Melvas eventually approched the company openly to forge an unofficial alliance, with each agreeing to share their intelligence regarding the group of giants.

At the end of Mirtul 1373, an enchanted token given to the company’s Scout Galen Starag activated and delivered a message set to be repeated upon Melvas’ death. At the time of crafting, Melvas was intending to investigate the activities of fog giants around the Ten Towns and the Sea of Moving Ice. Nothing has been heard from him since.

Melvas the Red

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