Late halfling apprentice of Melvas the Red


Female lighfoot halfling diviner 3


The last pupil of Melvas the Red, Iri had the good fortune to be away from the village of Icefoot when an avalanche destoyed the village and killed everyone within. Setting camp with two strangers she’d met the same day, she discovered that the avalanche might have been caused by a group of giants feeling on the Great Glacier, and intended to follow them to find out more.

While on the glacier, Iri and her newfound allies Ruknar and Aukan found a mountain atop which lived a tribe of avariels and a powerful elemental that was treated as an oracle. Once in the oracle’s lair, however, Ruknar pushed Iri into the oracle’s pool, unaware of what would happen. As soon as Iri’s foot got in contact with the magical pool, her body and soul were instantly turned into pure ice, and what was left of her plummeted to the elemental plane of air.


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