Master of the Map House college of Silverymoon


LN Human Male Expert 7 / Diviner 4


Esklindrar presides over the Map House college in Silverymoon, a member of the Conclave of Silverymoon univerity. It holds the most comprehensive collection of heraldry, genealogy, and maps regarding the North, Cormyr, Sembia, and the Dalelands. Documents are available for every other region of continental Faerûn, but get more spotty the further away one gets from the Silver Marches.

Possessed of an exceptionnal memory, Esklindrar himself is an passionate collector of knowledge, reputed to be the greatest expert on Sword Coast human writings outside of Candlekeep. He was persuaded to move from Waterdep to Silverymoon by Lady Alustriel, to whom he is a personal friend. Eklindrar has also befriended several powerful Harpers, as well as many adventuring bands to which he sometimes gives leads to where old treasure might lie in exchange for information on what they see and copies of any writings they may find.

In the spring of 1373, Esklindrar was kidnapped, along with other spellcaster, craftsmen, and soldiers of Silverymoon, by a creature called spellweaver who brought all his captives in the sewers under the city to craft a giant-sized apparatus of Kwalish commisionned by the cult trying to bring back Annam. He was rescued by a party of adventurers he befriended. He later sent those same adventurers to the almost legendary land of Hartsvale in the North, from where they brought back the first accurate maps to ever leave the far off kingdom.


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