Barend Balderk


After his military service for the dwarves of the Galena Mountains, Barend turned to a weaponsmithing carreer, alternating between mining ore and gems under the Galena and crafting arms in Heliogabalus, peddling his wares with good profits to humans looking for higher quality weapons. Due to his frequent travels, numerous contacts, and stalwart personality, Barend was approached by Harper mage Melvas the Red and offered to work as an agent for Those Who harp.

A few years later, when Aukan Gathakanathi, a goliath barbarian acquaintance of Barend went to a quest to track a cult of giants, Melvas asked Barend to keep an eye on the goliath’s adventuring party and made him one of the primary agents in a group intending to figure out and then stop the giants’ plans.

After the unexpected death of Melvas once the giants became aware of those planning to oppose them, Barend had to go into hiding for a while. He resumed his duties after meeting with Julmund and Zarecht, a pair of renegade giants also working against the cult. One of their first objectives was the ruins of an ancient giant stronghold from the time of Ostoria, buried under the Glacier of the White Worm. However, Barend and the two giants met with an undead devourer and his minions exploring the ruins at the same time, and the monsters proved too strong for the trio, who had no choice but to flee. As they were retreating, the devourer managed to catch up with Barend and absorb his essence. Aukan’s former adventuring party later came to rescue Barend and the two giants, but the spirit shaman Larena had to banish Barend’s essence to the Fugue plane to stop the devourer from using his devastating spells.

Barend Balderk

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