Aged, settled down, Sorssrim cleric of Shaudakûl


CG Human Cleric 10 (Shaundakûl)
Domains: Protection, Travel
Diplomacy +16 , Heal +18 , Survival +18


Now too old for extended travel, Arlan has finally settled down a couple of years ago and taken residence in a fisher village on the coast of the Endless Ice Sea. Due to his great wisdom and wide knowledge of the outside world, Arlan has easily been accepted by villagers the as the locale’s leader and elder.

During the siege of western Sossal led by the troops of the Ice Witch and the dracolich Zethrindor in 1373, Arlan played an important role in the organization of the supply lines between the safe areas and the battlefront. It’s in this role that he got to meet Galen, Larena, Lazoryel, and Ruknar. The tales of the numerous travels of the small group acrossnorthern Faerûn has delighted the aging priest. As a fellow follower of Shaundakûl, Arlan has developped a strong affinity with Galen, hoping to guide the half-orc from lay worshipper to true disciple of the Helping Hand.


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