Brutal shapeshifter who reveres Malar, Lord of the Hunt.


Chaotic Neutral, Druidic Avenger 5 of Malar/Master of Many forms 10/Warshaper 3/Nature's Warrior 1


Ruknar can adopt shapes from these categories:

Diminutive to Gargantuan sizes; Aberration, animal, dragon, fey, elemental, giant, humanoid, monstrous humanoid, ooze, plant and vermin.

His favorite shapes are:

- Cave troll

- Aspect of Tiamat (five-headed dragon)

- Malasynep ("Dauphin des montagnes")

- Wooly Mammoth (especially with wings)

Magical items:

  • +1 Hellforged sizing scimitar
  • Beastskin darkleaf breastplate +2
  • Wand of cure light wounds (39)
  • Wand of healing lorecall (25)
  • Wand of hibernal healing (10)
  • Wand of cure serious wounds (3)
  • Travel cloak
  • Bag of Holding type 2
  • Pearl of power 1st level
  • Ring of stormfire
  • Bracers of lightning
  • Amulet of mighty fists +2
  • 6 wilding clasps
  • Boots of striding and springing
  • Belt of battle and giant strenght +4
  • Greater armor crystal of rubicond frenzy
  • Ring of spellbattle
  • Scabbard of Keen edge
  • Gauntlets of Devastation
  • Eyes of the eagle
  • Shirt of ironskin and resistance +3
  • Crown of Ruknar (Mass suggestion 1/day, +4Charisma)
  • Least weapon crystal of electricity (on scimitar)
  • Ring of protection +4


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