Rongan Tavartarr

Harper gnome illusionist in Lyrabar


Male Rock Gnome Illusionist


Gnome illusionist Rongan Tavartarr set up residence in Lyrabar more than twenty-five years ago, and has been a Harper liaison in the Impilturian capital for roughly half of that time. Starting in early 1372, he’d been trying to monitor the activities of the Cult of the Dragon, which had revealed its presence somewhere in the city. Later that same year, the Harper mage Melvas the Red asked for his assistance in watching a group of adventurer coming down from Damara and heading for Lyrabar. It wasn’t long before warrant posters started showing up in local inns and pubs depicting a group looking very much like the party Melvas had told him about. The adventurers showed up shortly after, using disguises and fake identities to enter the quadrennial Impilturian Shieldmeet competitions. In order to keep a closer eye on them and to gain the opportunity to chat with them without arousing their suspicions, Rongan entered the same competitions. By the end of the games, Melvas had caught up in order to take back his quarry but, apparently fleeing the city’s watch, the adventurers escape on a trader’s ship and their track was lost for months.

With the game over and Melvas gone, however, Rongan could resume his plan to track down the local cell of the Cult of the Dragon. Time was getting short, as the Cult had almost let a dracolich loose in the nearby Gray Forest and managed to slay half of the bronze dragons allied with Impitur’s paladin. Before Rongan had found more than the location of the Cult’s meeting grounds, however, another company of adventurers had managed to raid the meeting grounds during a ceremony and slay most of the important figures. Those who escaped, however, went into hiding and Rongan’s work had to be done all over again.

Months later, mysterious kidnappings and disappearances began all over Lyrabar, targeting everything and everyone from cattle to young paladins to travelling menageries. Sightings of strange, scaly, lighting-breathing monsters strongly hinted that the Cult was back in business. Despite his precautions, Rongan himself hadn’t gone unnoticed, for he was nearly killed twice: once by strange blue dragon spawns fitting the various sightings almost perfectly and once by a pair of assassins no doubt paid by the cultists. At a loss of options, he fakes his own death in order to continue his investigation under another, less conspicuous guise.

Soon after, he was approched by the same adventurers that had escaped him and Melvas a year and a haf before, who had now come to help clean Lyrabar of the Cult’s remnants. Together, they planned to fake an attack using Lazoryel’s fang dragon the Zhentarim was lending him at the moment, Ruknar’s shapeshifting abilities, and Rongan’s illusion magic. The plan backfired somewhat, as it first attracted the attention of a group of local warirors and the demoted paladin Meredith Grandheim. Escaping in the woods, they eventually encountered a group of bestial, burrowing, draconic creatures. Most of them were killed, but not before Rongan was subdued and dragged under the earth into the lair of what was left of the Cult of the Dragon in Lyrabar. Only two humans were left, serving a powerful aspect of Tiamat along with a herd of dragonspawns. Among them was a redspawn birther, a creature whose insides burn so hot they can melt and fuse not only metal and flesh but also the very sould of the creatures it consumes. One of the humans recognizing the recognizing the harper mage that had been a thorn in their foot for so long, the Aspect of Tiamat got the redspawn birther to eat him alive and merge him with the soul of a red wyrmling. By the time the adventurers could reach the heart of the aspect’s lair, the birther was laying an egg holding what would become a redspawn arcaniss. Unable to find a way to save Rongan, the adventurers crushed the egg and offered Rongan a proper burial near their home in Thentia, hoping death would allow his soul to go free.

Rongan Tavartarr

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