Frost giant ambasador working under Heimadal; killed in Thar


Male Frost Giant Divine Champion 4 (Thrym)


Ogrimm was sent by Heimdal, the highest-ranked frost giant in the sect dedicated to the restoration of Ostoria, to meet with the tribes of ogres and hill giants living in the rocky moors of Thar and convince them to join forces with those who would put giants back as the rightful leaders of Faerûn. Adventurers opposing the sect met him by chance as a temporary quest to find relics from the ancient kingdom of Vorbyx in Thar let them to the base of the tribe of ogres Ogrimm was trying to convert. Through diplomacy, they convinced the ogre leader that they could make better allies than a group of giants who wouldn’t leave more than crumbs to the likes of ogres and trolls. In a pretend show of rage, the ogre leader threw the adventurers out of his base, claiming that all their sweet words had gained them was to keep their lives. He then went back to negociate with Ogrimm, and slowly but with apparent reluctance, agreed to all the points the frost giant made. The next morning however, the adventurers were hiding in crags, ready to take Ogrimm by surprise. As the adventurers revealed themselves, Ogrimm was shot in the back by the ogres’ only ballista. Ogrimm managed to gravely wound two of the five adventurers surrounding him but in the end, he was outmatched and didn’t survive the fight.


Frostfell Borris