Secret of the Oracle

Where the party is sent to fulfill a mystic prophecy

14 Mirtul 1372
Led by northern lights that Aukan sees as the souls of dead warriors and goliaths yet to be born, but which Ruknar interprets as a manifestation of Auril’s will, the party arrives to a rocky spire jutting from the glacier. On their way up, they realize that they were being watched, but can not discover by whom. After two days of climbing, they discover the mountain is inhabited, and all three are taken prisonners in the middle of an avariel aerie. However, after a good night’s rest, Aukan is able to break his restraints, free his companions, and threaten the avariels. It is then revealed that an ice weird, a powerful spellcasting creature from the elemental planes, has made its lair in a cave atop the spire.

18 Mirtul 1372
As the most likely thing Auril might have been pointing to if she had indeed sent an omen, the party resolves to meet the oracle. They finish climbing the spire and reach a cave with a large pool out of churning ice, though with no orcale in sight. Wishing to test the pool, Ruknar randomly shoves Iri forward. As her foot touches the ice, she is instantly turned into an ice statue, which slowly sinks to the bottom. Peering through the chunks of ice for a chance to pull Iri out, Ruknar and Aukan spot giant blocks of ice floating in emptiness, alien creatures unlike anything they’ve ever seen or heard about, and a humanoid shape, seeming to fly fight in their direction. The shape belongs to a human woman who crashes in the cave, nearly getting impaled but Ruknar’s spear. She introduces herself as Larena, and claims to be an Uluik shaman who’s been drawn in another portal. Before further introductions could be made, a large humanoid-looking elemental arises from the pool. Stating that it wishes to test the humanoids in front of it, it summons a group of ice and water elementals, which the three adventurers manage to dispatch. The weird then reveals itself as the oracle, statting that a group of giants is about to greatly disrupt the balance of law and chaos in northern Faerûn, that only the ones standing in front of her, along with a fourth one, could restore the correct order, and that the way to do so lies far to the south, “By the roses above the land where men of faith fly on dragon wings”. Believing to be destind to fulfill a prophecy, the three adventurers deceide to head back together toward the plains of Vaasa.

23 Mirtul 1372
On their way back south, the party stops for the night near the ruins of the burnt orc village. Unable to rest, the orc shaman’s soul had risen back as a ghost and tries to possess each of the others one by one to get a chance for revenge against Obould himself. With the help of Larena’s abilities, the ghost is chastised and flees to the west, never to be seen again. Later the same day, the party encounters a juvenile white dragon looking for preys. Though a dangerous opponent, the party manages to get the upper hand. After dealing the killing blow to the beast with his greatsword, Aukan awards himself the goliath honorific of “Dragonkiller”.

30 Mirtul 1372
Back in the village of Icefoot, the party makes its camp once again in the upper floor of Melvas’ tower. To keep themselves warm, they make a fire out of broken wooden furniture and some of Melvas’ spellbooks. When they get ready to leave the next day, however, Melvas himself appears in Icefoot, angered by the destruction of his rare spellbooks, but even moreso by the party’s involvement in the death of his apprentice Iri. Though he claims not to be a murderer himself, he swears to one day make Ruknar and Dragonkiller pay for their crimes, even if he has to follow them to the end of the world for that.



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