Onto the Great Glacier

Where adventurers meet by chance and learn about a strange group of giants

1 Mirtul 1372
In what is slowly showing to be the hottest summer in recent history in the Cold Lands, Ruknar the Vaasan druid of Auril heads toward the small village of Icefoot at the start of the only trail between Vaasa and Sossal, hoping to reach cross the Great Glacier to find his mother’s family in Sossal. A few miles from the village, he encounters Aukan Gathakanathi, a goliath barbarian on a spiritual quest, and Iri, an apprentice to Icefoot’s resident wizard Melvas the Red, gathering spell component. As they are about to reach Icefoot, an avalanche sends tons of snow towards the village. The three escape mostly unscathed but Icefoot and its residents are buried alive. The three take refuge in the only building rising above the snow, the three-storied tower of the wizard Melvas.

5 Mirtul 1372
While looking around Icefoot with Melvas’ spyglass, Ruknar spots a pair of giants watching from above the glacier’s edge. Ruknar, Aukan, and Iri climb up to find the corpses of a stone, a hill, and, most strangely, a fire giant, all half-burried in the rubble left by the avalanche. While the three have been dead for a few days, the tracks of two other large humanoids lead on the Great Glacier. After getting back to Icefoot to pick up everthing they might need, Ruknar, Aukan, and Iri begin to follow the giants’ tracks.

8 Mirtul 1372
After a few days, walk, a light fall of melting snow causes Ruknar to lose sight of the tracks. What they do find is find a group of dead orcs placed in a strange pattern surrounded by half-erased drawings apparently representing the symbols of no less than six different giant gods. Though they showed wounds and bruises, the orcs seemed to have been knocked unconscious and left to die from the cold. One of them, a shaman of Gruumsh, was still clinging to life and could be saved by healing magic. While he didn’t know where the giants had gone, he could lead his rescuers to his camp, where someone might know.

9 Mirtul 1372
Once at the orc camp, all that is left is a burning ruin with a graffiti in orcish simply stating: “FOLLOW OBOULD OR DIE”. The orc shaman rushes into the flames but the roof collapses before he can get out. With no more lead, the party resumes his trek north on the Great Glacier.



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